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Lady M is a French painter
born in Paris in 1981.


Raised by a family of musicians, Lady M starts very early a musical education. She learns music theory and clarinet but decides at the age of 15 to follow another path : Painting. After studying interior and stage design, she joins the Opéra de Paris in 2006 as a set designer. Working along side the greatest stage designers and exploring all sorts of colors and texture techniques, she develops her professionalism, her creativity and her personal style. Strong of this experience, she will naturally go towards big scales and street arts.
In 2015, she participates to the largest wall painting in Europe (more than 3000 m2) with the street artist Speedy Graphito.
In 2016, she has her first solo show in Paris, as well as a group exhibition at the festival of contemporary art « Arvest Expo » in Yerevan, Armenia. She continues to develop her artistic researches around textures, colors and geometry, that can remind some of Gerard Richter's researches on texture as well as Vassily kandinsky's geometrical compositions.


Painting is an art, and art as a whole is not a creation without purposes flowing into the void. Art is a power that must develop and improve the human soul.
— Wassily Kandinsky

Nowadays, Lady M gets her inspiration from the notion of space, from our relationship to the universe, and from terrestrial, aquatic or aerial elements in which we evolve. She replaces the human kind in an environment in perpetual mutation, seeking for an horizon, a landmark that could justify its existence.
Attracted by parallel words that surround us, she retranscribes her inner visions in a kind of waves melody, adding another dimension to Time and Space, an open window on the human soul.
Open minded to the knowledge of the word, Lady M travels to discover new cultures, to enrich her creations with new perspectives and points of views, in a spirit of passing and sharing.


Solo Show


  • « Solo » Galerie  Magnetic ArtLab - Bordeaux

  • « Solo » Galerie Vanaura - Versailles


Group Show


  • « Group Show » Galerie Vanaura - Versailles

  • « Group Show » Fabien Castanier Gallery - USA

  • « Knox » Fabien Castanier Gallery - USA


  • « 7TO5 » Artfive Gallery - Marseille

  • « Variations » Gallerie Joel Knafo - Paris

  • « Tandem » Galerie Vanaura - Versailles


  • Group Show - Fabien Castanier Gallery , Miami USA.




  • « Festival Murmurs » Decazeville - Aveyron

  • « Festival Street Art » Clos du chêne - Marne la vallée

  • « Wall » Secours Populaire - Paris

  • «Wall » Ecole Icart - Lille


  • « Histoires de passages » Argentat-sur-Dordogne

  • « Safir Festival » Roche -la - Molière

  • « Azurev’art » Normandie

  • « Le MUR de Oberkampf » Paris

  • « Fresques » Ecole Icart - Paris

  • « Wall » Knox - Miami - USA

2016 - 2017

  • « Wall » assistante de Speedy Graphito

Opera & Theatre sets

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